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Quanell X demands accountability for Humble ISD teacher accused of inappropriate relationship with a student

Humble, TX- In a press conference held last month, a mother and Community Activist Quanell X stated that a Humble ISD teacher initiated a sexual relationship with a student by offering to pay for a three-night hotel stay for the child.

The alleged inappropriate relationship between a Humble ISD teacher and a student is a disturbing and unacceptable breach of trust. The fact that the teacher is accused of initiating a sexual relationship with a vulnerable student is deeply concerning and must be addressed with urgency and seriousness.

The district has taken the initial step of placing the accused teacher on administrative leave. The following email from Humble ISD was sent to parents last month:

Dear Summer Creek Families,

This week, Humble ISD Administration and Humble ISD Police have been investigating a teacher-student relationship. The teacher was promptly placed on administrative leave and has not been allowed on campus since the allegations. Our investigation has involved interviewing the teacher, the student, other school staff members, the student’s family, and the teacher’s family. The investigation found that a teacher paid for a hotel room for a student. While statements differ about what occurred, the teacher’s interaction with the student was inappropriate, unprofessional and unacceptable. The employee will not be returning to Humble ISD and the conduct will be reported to the State Board for Educator Certification.

Humble ISD works with law enforcement for the safety and well-being of all and the law enforcement investigation is on-going. Staff members face criminal charges related to inappropriate relationships. The district has reported the incident to Child Protective Services. We do not tolerate inappropriate relationships between employees and students.


Civil rights activist Quanell X rightly called for the teacher to be fired and arrested. According to Quanell, the student shared text messages and pictures that indicate that he may have been subjected to grooming by the accused teacher. The alleged victim’s mother has shown tremendous courage in coming forward with this information, and we must support her in seeking justice for her son, he added.

The fact that the teacher allegedly used their position of authority to initiate a sexual relationship with a student is an abuse of power that cannot be tolerated. The community deserves to know that our schools are safe places for our children to learn and grow, and we must hold our educators to the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct. This mother and this family and this community have a right to be angry. We are demanding more accountability from the administration, said Quanell X in a press conference last month.

Hopefully the Humble Police Department and the State Board for Educator Certification will thoroughly investigate this matter and take all necessary measures to protect this child and any other children from future harm.

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