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Community activists say 6-year-old child was subjected to months of sexual assault on a school bus

Earlier this year Community activists Quanell X and Dr. Candice Matthews from the New Black Panther Nation spoke out on behalf of a 6-year-old child Aldine ISD student that was lured to the back of a school bus by an 11-year-old and sexually assaulted.

Quanell X confirmed that there is video evidence of the assault, which went on for months before the mother was ever notified. This is a clear violation of Texas Education Agency’s law, which requires schools to promptly inform parents of any incidents that occur on campus, according to Dr. Matthews.

The mother had previously raised concerns about her son being on a bus with older children and the lack of a regular driver. She was ignored, and her child was subjected to abuse for months.

I thought that perhaps my son did something wrong. I get to the school and I find out that my son was sexually assaulted. Days of talking to my child, the details became more and more graphic each and every time. From what I thought was just an oral incident was really a physical incident. No one is being held accountable, I’m angry as hell. If my child was being molested in my presence at my home, they would lock me up for endangerment to a child, I’d be sitting behind bars right now, she said. The bus driver did not do her job, she added.

Quanell X says the school district’s response to this tragedy has been inadequate. Their statement only offers vague assurances about the safety of students and an investigation that is ongoing.

They have not provided any details about what they plan to do to address the situation or offer support to the victim’s family. This is unacceptable. It is time for Aldine ISD to take responsibility for their failures and take swift action to ensure that this never happens again. The bus driver and anyone else who failed to protect this child must be held accountable. The victim’s family deserves justice and support, including counseling for the child and the mother.

Quanell added that the incident is being investigated by Child Protective Services and the 11-year-old student has formally been charged with three counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

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