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Quanell X breaking news – Family Desperately Searches for Missing Woman Who Vanished in SW Houston

In a heart-wrenching plea for help, community activist Quanell X, alongside concerned family and friends, joined forces to distribute missing person flyers, desperately seeking any leads in the case of Sara Goodwin, an 18-year-old woman who mysteriously disappeared in southwest Houston.

The unsettling incident occurred at the intersection of South Course Drive and Bissonnet Street, where Sara was last seen. Shockingly, she was reportedly forcibly taken into a white 2015-2017 Honda CRV by an unidentified man on February 6, according to a press release.

Quanell X, a prominent advocate for the community, revealed that this same man had allegedly attempted to entice two other women into his vehicle at the very same intersection. The chilling pattern of his actions raised concerns that he might be armed and posed a significant threat to others.

In a puzzling twist, Sara Goodwin’s cellphone was discovered three blocks away from where she was abducted, discarded by the side of the road. This discovery only deepened the mystery surrounding her disappearance.

The press release noted that a police report had been filed concerning the suspect before Sara’s tragic vanishing act. However, Quanell X has called on the Houston Police Department to intensify their investigation into this unsettling case.

Over the past several days, friends and family of Sara have tirelessly combed the area in a determined effort to locate the missing young woman. Their commitment to finding her has not wavered, even in the face of uncertainty and fear.

The Houston Police Department released an official statement addressing the case, stating, “The missing persons investigation is an open investigation. From surveillance video, it does show that the missing person willingly got into the vehicle seen on camera.” This statement raises more questions than answers and underscores the urgency of finding Sara.

The community at large is now urged to come forward with any information about the whereabouts of Sara Goodwin. Authorities can be reached at the Houston Police Department Missing Persons Unit at 713-394-1840. The desperate search for Sara continues, with the hope that she will soon be safely reunited with her loved ones.

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