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Ohio woman charged with murder after defending herself against abusive boyfriend

An Ohio woman is set to face trial in Carroll County for the alleged murder of her boyfriend, an Army veteran, who is also the father of one of her children. The accused, 34-year-old Audrey Cole, who also goes by Audrey Branch, is scheduled to appear in court. Prosecutors have charged her with the murder of 32-year-old Matthew Michael Mott, a father of three, one of whom he shared with Cole.

The case came to public attention when a 911 call was made, and the woman on the line, identified as Audrey Cole, claimed to have shot Matthew Mott after he had allegedly struck her in the head during a domestic altercation.

In the distressing call, Cole exclaimed, “He’s dead,” as she reported the incident to the emergency dispatcher. She admitted to shooting Mott in the chest during the confrontation. She described her own injuries, stating, “My whole head is bruised up,” adding that she believed Mott had stopped moving.

During the call, Cole acknowledged that she had used her rifle to shoot Mott. The dispatcher guided her through checking for signs of life, asking her to confirm if Mott was still breathing. In a chilling revelation, Cole informed the dispatcher that Mott was lying face down on the ground. She also expressed concern about her own injuries, mentioning that she was bleeding from her forehead, had visible knots on her face, and a busted lip.

The call further disclosed that both Audrey Cole and Matthew Mott had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as military veterans. The dispatcher provided guidance to Cole on how to perform CPR to aid Mott, and eventually, she agreed to follow the dispatcher’s instructions. The call ended when authorities arrived on the scene.

Audrey Cole is currently facing serious charges, including murder and felonious assault, related to the tragic incident involving Matthew Mott. As the legal proceedings progress, the case will continue to garner attention and scrutiny, highlighting the complexities of domestic disputes and the tragic consequences that can result from them.

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