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Family of Slain 18-Year-Old Woman Calls for No Bond in Murder Case: Quanell X says, “This Man Ain’t Crazy”

Quanell X Outraged Over Bond for Accused Murderer of Sara Goodwin: In a heart-wrenching turn of events, the family of 18-year-old Sara Goodwin, who tragically lost her life, has joined forces with community activist Quanell X to voice their outrage over the bond granted to her alleged murderer.



Henry David Cossette, a 27-year-old man, stands accused of murder, tampering with evidence, and arson, with his arrest taking place on February 17. Shockingly, his bond was set at a mere $1.2 million, a decision that has left many questioning the justice system.

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Quanell X minced no words during a press conference, vehemently arguing that Cossette should not be granted any bond given the horrific nature of the crime. He asserted that Cossette had deceived the judge to secure his bond, claiming, “This was a planned abduction. He kidnapped that woman, killed her, chopped her up, and threw her in a field, and now he’s trying to play crazy. This man ain’t crazy. He knew exactly what he was doing. Even after he killed Sara Goodwin, he was still riding around to pick up more women.”

During the press conference, a shocking photograph was displayed showing Cossette casually posing at Discovery Green, supposedly taken just hours after Goodwin’s tragic demise.



Quanell X also held the judges responsible for granting low bonds to criminals, which he believes enables them to reenter society easily. He emphasized the need for a city or county where individuals who commit heinous crimes like kidnapping and murder are denied bail, regardless of their criminal history.


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Sara Goodwin’s disappearance on February 6 at the intersection of South Course Drive and Bissonnet Street in southwest Houston shook the community. It was revealed that she was involved in the sex worker industry. Disturbing video footage captured her entering a white 2015-2017 model Honda CRV briefly, only to be forcibly pulled back inside. This vehicle was traced back to Cossette, according to the police.

On February 19, Houston firefighters responded to an intentionally set fire at Cossette’s residence. Cossette was discovered inside the apartment and taken into custody, during which he allegedly confessed to the murder of Sara Goodwin, as confirmed by the Houston Police Department. Subsequently, Cossette purportedly disclosed that he had disposed of Goodwin’s body in the 1800 block of Fellows Road, approximately 15 miles from where she was last seen. Remains were discovered at that location and were positively identified as those of Sara Goodwin.

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