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Quanell X | White man caught on camera spewing racial slurs at black woman

A Texas security guard was in a verbal confrontation with a woman, using inflammatory language and racial slurs. This occurrence gained widespread attention after a video capturing the altercation went viral. Notably, Civil Rights Activist Quanell X called upon law enforcement to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the matter and demanded revocation of the man’s licensing/certifications.

Denishia Lewis recounted her experience, explaining that the incident transpired when she was driving along Airport Boulevard in close proximity to the Southwest Freeway in Stafford, Texas. She honked her horn at a motorcyclist who failed to move when the traffic signal turned green. Following this, she overtook the motorcyclist, and that’s when things took a disturbing turn. Lewis reported that the motorcyclist aggressively accelerated, shifted lanes from the right, and struck her side mirror. She decided to follow him into a nearby 7/11 convenience store, seeking an explanation for his actions. She approached him and inquired, “Excuse me, sir, did you just punch my mirror?” To her shock and dismay, the man responded with derogatory racial slurs and profanity.

In the video, which Lewis captured on Snapchat, though it didn’t capture the entire exchange, the man can be heard repeatedly using racially offensive language. Before leaving, he allegedly spit on Lewis. She asserted that as she walked away, the man continued to hurl racial slurs at her and spit on her once more.

In response to this incident, Lewis filed a report with the Stafford Police Department. The video quickly gained traction on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, drawing the attention of Civil Rights Activist Quanell X.

On Sunday October 22, a press conference was held in Stafford, TX. Quanell X expressed grave concern over the situation, branding the man as a threat to society. He emphasized that the man had demonstrated a propensity for committing hate crimes and employing hateful, racist language towards a woman while also spitting on her. Quanell X further alleged that the man was in possession of a firearm.

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