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Quanell X investigates systemic failures: Unjust removal of child from black mother in North Carolina


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The concept of Family Policing, aimed at safeguarding children and ensuring their safety, has become a topic of concern due to the excessive policing and criminalization of families, particularly in marginalized communities disproportionately affected by poverty and systemic racism. Operation Stop CPS, a prominent advocacy group in North Carolina, sheds light on the alarming consequences of the Family Policing system.

Quanell X Global News Network came across one of their cases that involved Celine Diona, a North Carolina mother whose child was allegedly taken away by child protective services after she was evicted from her home. Diona’s case exposes the potential for unnecessary family separations, unwarranted criminalization of parents, and the absence of adequate support. This article delves into the details of Celine Diona’s story and emphasizes the urgent need for a more just and compassionate system that prioritizes the well-being of families and children.

A Tragic Consequence of Over-Policing

In October of 2020, Celine Diona faced financial hardship when the COVID-19 pandemic forced her to close her hair braiding business, leaving her struggling to make ends meet. Falling behind on rent, she faced eviction, ultimately leading to the intervention of law enforcement and Child Protective Services (CPS).

Tragically, instead of providing much-needed assistance, the response from Wake County Human Services was anything but compassionate. The agency made the devastating decision to remove Celine’s child, Jean Diona, from her care and subsequently arrested her for attempting to prevent her son from being taken away. Astonishingly, Celine has not seen her child since that fateful day. Operation Stop CPS asserts that Celine was never given the opportunity to reunify with her child, a fundamental right that was unjustly denied.

Inadequate Support and Systemic Failures

What further compounds the distressing nature of Celine’s case is the lack of support provided to her, particularly considering her limited English proficiency. She was never provided with an interpreter, effectively impeding her ability to understand the proceedings and adequately participate in the process. Regrettably, her parental rights were eventually terminated, adding to the heartbreak endured by Celine and Jean.

Demanding Accountability and Transparency

Amanda Wallace, a passionate advocate from Operation Stop CPS, urged the community to take action by contacting Deputy Director Antonia Pedroza of North Carolina at Advocates seek to rally support for Jean’s aunt, Regina Dore, who is diligently seeking information about Jean’s current whereabouts. By collectively expressing our concerns, we can strive to hold those responsible for this grave injustice accountable for their actions.

Towards a Compassionate and Just System

Celine’s case serves as a poignant reminder of the systemic issues deeply embedded within our social services systems. The repercussions faced by vulnerable families are devastating, necessitating a paradigm shift towards a more supportive and compassionate approach. Especially during times of crisis, it is imperative to prioritize the well-being of families and children, ensuring they receive the assistance they need.

The story of Celine Diona exemplifies the profound failures of the Family Policing system and the dire consequences they impose on marginalized families. It is crucial that we demand justice, transparency, and answers regarding Celine’s situation and other cases of mistreatment within our social services systems. By amplifying our voices, we can work together to create a more equitable and compassionate system that truly supports those in need. Let us advocate for the rights of Celine, her child Jean, and all the families impacted by these systemic failures, striving for a brighter and more just future.

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