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Quanell X says Maryland mother was arrested just days after speaking out against child protective services

Quanell X says Maryland mother was arrested just days after speaking out against child protective services. In late January, a distressing encounter occurred when Anne Arundel County Police officers and CPS workers confronted Justice and Mashai, the parents of Collin and Clover, outside a Dunkin’ Donuts. During the confrontation, the officers allegedly threatened police brutality while demanding the couple hand over their children to CPS. Notably, no court order for removal was presented at the time.

The parents claim that their son Collin had been misdiagnosed with failure to thrive due to his small size from being born prematurely, and according to them, the state’s guidelines were not properly followed. According to them, volunteer EMTs were called to the scene to assess the children’s condition. Despite the EMTs confirming that both children were in good health, a CPS social worker insisted that they be taken to the hospital.

To the parents’ dismay, they were denied the opportunity to accompany their children in the ambulance. Upon arrival at the hospital, Justice and Mashai were informed that custody of Collin and Clover would be assumed by the State of Maryland, and they were forcibly separated from their children.

The situation had raised concerns over what is being referred to as medical kidnapping. Operation Stop CPS initiated a call to action, urging the community to assist in advocating for the return of Collin and Clover by reaching out to Geneva Rieu, Acting Director of CPS. The organization has sought to emphasize the importance of reuniting the family to aid their healing process following this traumatic event.

Within days of the couple speaking out against LE and CPS, the parents were once again surrounded by law enforcement, this time for an alleged arrest warrant against Mashai. For an unknown reason, officers at the scene would not tell the mother what she was being arrested for. She was also served with a “peace order,” preventing her from further contacting Geneva Rieu.
This is the Family Policing System in action. When a system has unlimited power that goes unchecked for decades, it becomes what we see now. A kidnapping machine. Why was Mashai arrested? She is a threat to the system because she refuses to be silent. For those who say, just do what the system says and they will give you your children back. We say, that’s why we are in this place now. We are tired of it. We can have no peace without justice! Amanda Wallace, OperationStopCPS
How many time is too many time to call the person responsible for medically kidnapping your children? If the kidnapper wasn’t the government, everyone would say ring the phone off the hook. An amber alert would be issued, but because it’s the government, its a problem. We can’t accept that anymore, Wallace added.

After Mashai’s arrest, our investigative team from the Quanell X Global News Network reached out to the Maryland Department of Human Services (DHS) requesting a statement in regards to their awareness of the peace order filed by their Acting Director against Mashai Small, potential retaliation against Small for speaking out, their involvement in the law enforcement’s actions against Small and her partner, as well as their role in Small’s recent arrest. Clarifying these matters is crucial to ensure transparency, accountability, and the protection of individuals’ rights within the child protective services system.

The Maryland Department of Human Services (DHS) released the following statement:
The Maryland Department of Human Services (DHS) is committed to protecting vulnerable children and ensuring their well-being. We actively work with parents to mitigate any risk of harm so children can remain safely with their families. While confidentiality laws prevent me from providing specific details regarding your questions, I can tell you that Child Protective Services (CPS) has a duty to conduct either an investigation or a family assessment if someone reports that a child is in unsafe circumstances.
This is an ongoing situation, check back for updates as they emerge.

Quanell X says Maryland mother was arrested just days after speaking out against child protective services
Medical kidnapping is a deeply divisive issue that revolves around the removal of children from their parents’ care by CPS or other government agencies on grounds of alleged medical neglect or abuse. In some cases, medical kidnapping may involve children being taken away due to parents’ refusal to follow recommended medical treatments or their preference for alternative approaches.

These cases have sparked intense debate, with advocates on both sides arguing for the rights of parents and children. Some states have enacted laws to safeguard parental rights and prevent medical kidnapping, while others have granted CPS broader authority to intervene in instances of suspected medical neglect or abuse.

Medical kidnapping often occurs when parents hold differing views on conventional medical treatments, such as chemotherapy or vaccines, and opt for alternative approaches like natural remedies or holistic medicine. These choices may lead to accusations of medical neglect or abuse, prompting CPS involvement.

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