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Quanell X joins protest with mother against Beaumont PD handling of family dispute

Quanell X joins protest alongside Dr. Candace Matthews and other members from the New Black Panther Nation outside the Beaumont Police headquarters, in support of a distressed mother protesting against the alleged mistreatment of her 12-year-old son by the BPD. 

Leesa Bill, the mother, reached out to the Beaumont police on April 18 out of concern for her son’s well-being. Recounting the incident, she said, “When I dropped him and his younger brother off from school, he was sitting in my back seat, crying and telling me that his father’s behavior had worsened.” Bill had hoped that the police would deescalate the situation and ensure the safety of her children.

She explained, “I expected them to talk to him, and even if they didn’t allow the children to go back home with me, I believe they should’ve taken them to a safe place.” However, the response from the police was far from what she anticipated. Bill recounted, “The first thing they said was ‘let’s go,’ and as he started backing up, the senior officer remarked, ‘if you don’t like how your daddy does it, you really ain’t gonna like how I do it.” Bill claims that the officers disregarded the children’s father’s custodial rights and attempted to enforce their own interpretation of a court order.

“They had no right to take it upon themselves to interpret a judge’s order in a family court and try to enforce it.” – Quanell X

According to Bill, the situation escalated further, with the police handcuffing her son. It was at this point that she started recording the incident. She described, “One of the officers put his arm around his neck, slammed his head down into the rocks beside the sidewalk, and then went down on top of him, pushing his head further into the rocks while the other officer pulled his arms back. They then stood over him for a while, and one of them said, ‘dad, you come get him,’ allowing him to drag him into the house.”


Dr. Candice Matthews, Minister of Politics for the New Black Panther Nation reported that a report was filed with Child Protective Services (CPS), which she escalated to the state office, highlighting video evidence. Matthews emphasized their determination not to relent in holding the Beaumont Police accountable for their actions.


The New Black Panther Nation demanded the immediate termination of the officers involved, citing the incriminating evidence captured in the video. The video speaks for itself, said Civil Rights Activist Quanell X.

During the conference, Matthews reiterated The New Black Panther Nation’s commitment to fighting for justice, stating, “This is our job. This is what we do. When community members seek our help, and injustice is at their door, we’re here to break that door down.”

While the incident sparked attention and activism on the steps of the Beaumont Police Department with civil rights advocates calling for change, the Beaumont Police Department released a statement in response to the incident.

According to KFDM, they acknowledged the video circulating on YouTube, which depicted a disturbance between a father and his 12-year-old son. The police stated that the investigation revealed the father’s custody rights and indicated that no reports of abuse had been filed prior to this incident. They asserted that both the BPD and Child Protective Services conducted independent investigations, concluding that the father was merely exercising his parental rights. The police maintained that their officers acted professionally and lawfully in a complex and stressful situation, emphasizing their commitment to the safety of all citizens, especially juveniles.

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