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The Unending Menger Circus: Houston businessman Marek Menger goes to trial soon

Racism, sexual assault, and living a double life, in the heart of Harris County, a dramatic saga continues to unfold, and we, the vigilant observers, can not remain silent. Marek Menger’s disturbing history and courtroom antics have garnered our undivided attention, and we must act decisively to expose the injustice that has plagued our community. 



Well-known civil rights activist Quanell X, has been at the forefront of this battle, shedding light on Mr. Menger’s troubling actions for years, especially in his case involving ASAP Trucking in the Harris County 113th District Court.


We have been keeping a close eye on Marek Menger’s various court activities, says Quanell X.  His truck driving case in the Harris County 113th District Court (ASAP Trucking) will be going to trial shortly where we are all well aware in the Black community of Mr. Menger’s tactics of cheating African American truck drivers. We have been fighting for equal pay for the Black drivers that work for his company. We pray for the sake of justice that the Honorable Judge Rabeea Sultan Collier won’t put up with his shenanigans.

In another legal matter that centers around accusations eerily similar to industrial espionage, with allegations of Mr. Menger stealing a confidential client list, the Honorable Judge Brittanye Morris of the Harris County 333rd District Court has taken a decisive step, ordering Mr. Menger into mediation with Ben Hall, Attorney at Law.



My organization has also found that his convict son who has a lengthy criminal record, which is attached, has gone to work for Menger Valve. Just so ya’ll remember, we held a protest at The Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa where his daughter-in -law Elaine Menger sits on the board.  Yes, the very one that is married to his convict son. We are looking into seeing what kind of trade secrets his felon son might have taken with him when he went to work for Menger Valve.  Quanell X says that you judge a tree by the fruit it bears and the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.


Adding to this disturbing narrative is an affidavit that we found that accuses businessman Marek Menger of sexual assaulting his stepsister. In light of such grave allegations, we must exercise extreme caution. Continuous accusations of racial bias and sexual assault should raise red flags for anyone seeking to promote equality and women’s rights in the workplace. Were I the owner of a company committed to these principles, I could never engage in business with Marek Menger, said Quanell X. 



Upon delving into court records, Quanell X also discovered that Marek Menger had a separate family in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where he cared for Vanessa Fauvet and her son for at least eight years before he was divorced from his previous wife. But that’s not the end of the story. Our research has unveiled that he subsequently married another individual from Cabo named Vanessa Tapia, who was initially hired as a masseuse by Vanessa Fauvet. The fact that the two Vanessas were friends raises intriguing questions about the nature of these relationships. It’s evident that Marek Menger is willing to exploit individuals both for their money and their affection. The depth of his duplicity knows no bounds.


It’s obvious that Marek Menger has his own form of corporate policy. He’ll cheat you for your money and your honey.- Quanell X

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